I love my niece, but sometimes I wonder how her mind works. She approached me the other day at a family gathering, and she let me know how angry she was that I hadn’t given her a wedding present. I knew she had gotten married the previous month because she posted plenty of photos online, but I wasn’t invited to the wedding. It hurt my feelings to be left out, but I know I’m not even close to being her favorite uncle.

Over the years, we have had many differences, but I always thought being family mattered to both of us. It seems it only matters to her if she gets something out of it. This bothers me greatly, and it gives me insight into the reason why I don’t particularly like her. She has always been greedy, but she was brought up with proper manners. I would never have thought she’d publically accost me about giving her a gift for an occasion where I was not welcome.

Her parents are wonderful people, and they were kind enough to apologize for her behavior. I thanked them, but I believe they should not have tried to soften the blow. She is a responsible adult in all other ways, and treating family right is something adults should do without prompting. Besides, she embarrassed herself and her new husband far more than me. Many people were taken aback by her comment, and they are the type of people who have long memories.

Rudeness has become part of our society in many ways, but that does not excuse it in any individual whether or not they are a relative. My niece may think she has done the right thing, but people now see how arrogant she can be at times. My hope is that her new husband eventually finds a way to help her past her unfortunate attitude.